Free. One of our favorite words. Below is a list of tons of free (or very inexpensive) resources that make home education much easier. The links will change frequently as more content is added. Would you like to add something? Contact us! If you find a dead link, please also let us know so we may either update it or remove it. Thanks!

Complete Curriculum:

  • Baltimore Curriculum Project – draft form of complete lessons for K-5. Includes art, geography, history, music, literature, science, and world civilizations.
  • Lesson Pathways – includes “pathways of learning” for K-5 in various subjects. Requires registration, but it’s free.


Foreign Language:

  • Duolingo – Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian 
  • BBC Languages (Spanish, French, German, Greek, Chinese, plus over 30 more)
  • Fluencia (online Spanish, free or more extensive paid versions)


Free Worksheets – Math, Language Arts, Geography, Puzzles & more

Open Course-ware – College Level Courses that can be taken for free.

High School Level Courses – covering various topics

History/Geography/Social Studies:

Various Topics

  • ClickSchooling – Get 1 FREE, Web-Based Curriculum Idea Every Day — Monday Through Saturday!

Lapbooks (all topics)

Notebooking (all topics)

Language Arts
  • Lit2Go – public domain books, text & audio for each, & some have activities as well
  • Kids 4 Classics – Classic books formatted to be read online or on eBooks.
  • Online Spelling Course (Look under “courses and select “The Free Cozy Spelling Course.” The site includes punctuation and grammar courses as well for a fee.)




Nature Study


  • SAHM I Am! – fantastic links that supplement the Apologia science books: General Science, Physical Science, & Biology



Sites with lists of more free resources:

Forms, Planners, and more

  • Donna Young – Tons of planning forms (This used to be a free site. However, there is now a monthly fee so evaluate how often you would use it before subscribing. It has TONS of great stuff on there!)
  • Scheds – Core Foundation – in depth schedules for various english/history and math/science programs
  • Scholaric (This is not free, but the cost is very inexpensive. It is $3/month for 1 student, $4/month for 2 students, $5/month for 3 students, $6/month for 4 students, and for 5 or more students it maxes out at $7/month.)


Just For Fun


Online Co-Op

  • Virtual Homeschool Co-Op – this is an online homeschooling co-op. They offer classes covering Apologia Science from General Science up, Saxon Math from 5/4 up. They also offer writing classes (typically using Institute for Excellence in Writing materials) and various other electives as they have teachers. They offer live classes as well as “on-your-own” classes where you watch recordings and move at your own pace. Entirely free, but if you donate money, you will usually get early access to “seating” your student. Things to note: This is a co-op thus it is run entirely by volunteers. This means the class offerings will vary every single year depending on who steps up to teach, grade, or build the courses.

Library Skills

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